A Rich History, An Exciting Future

The Nova Scotia Nutrition Council is a volunteer organization whose membership consists of professionals, community members and students interested in nutrition, health promotion and community capacity building. Formed in 1985, the Council has a strong history of working to enhance the nutritional health of Nova Scotians. The landmark report ‘How do the Poor Afford to Eat? An Examination of Social Assistance Rates in Nova Scotia’ was just the beginning. With renewed energy and commitment the Council is once again tackling the issue of food security and advocating for policy change through exciting new research efforts.

Our Objectives:

To facilitate co-operative activity with groups and individuals who have the common goal of improving and maintaining nutritional health and well-being for Nova Scotians of all ages.

To provide a mechanism for dialogue amongst members on current nutrition related issues and for addressing nutrition issues in the public interest.

To be aware of food and nutrition programs and services and make recommendations regarding the level of program delivery when appropriate.