What does it mean to be food secure?

Food Security occurs when:

  • All people at all time can get safe, nutritious, acceptable foods in a manner that maintains dignity (Canadian Dietetic Association, 1991; p.139)
  • People can earn a living by growing, producing, processing, handling, retailing, and serving food
  • The quality of the land, air, and water is maintained and enhanced for future generations
  • Food is celebrated as central to community and culture (BC Food Systems Network.

What is food insecurity?

Food insecurity occurs when:

  • People are unable to get enough nutritious, acceptable food in normal ways
  • People are uncertain that they can do this

Food for Thought

  • Many Canadians and Nova Scotians are not able to obtain nutritious food
  • At the June 2000 Annual Workshop of the Nova Scotia Nutrition Council (NSNC), a concern for this issue arose.
  • The NSNC decided to take action. They partnered with Community Action Programs for Children (CAPC) and Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP), who fund Family Resource Centres/Programs (FRC/P’s), to find ways to address this problem.